The comprehensive low-cost & low-waste circular supply chain solution for the global hospitality industry.


GMA eliminates plastic bottles & jugs (& associated cradle-to-grave pollution (Ritchie and Roser, 2018)) through innovations of:


(i) on-site product formulation (sodium hydroxide lye (NaOH) cleaner & hypochlorous acid (HClO) disinfectant via salt water electrolysis);


(ii) highly concentrated (1:64 floor & window detergents) & dehydrated formulations (cube body wash, hair conditioner & shampoo & strip laundry detergent);


(iii) refillable-bag-in-box deliveries (r-bibs of 5,10,15 liters) w/ certified compostable return mailers for up to 5*15 liter bags;


(iv) & reusable aluminum, glass & tin dispensers (w/ Smartlabel QR codes of mineral & plant formulations).